Server Buff Events (+ 30% rare drop chance)

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csütörtök, 2017, augusztus 3 (Egész nap) - szerda, 2017, augusztus 16 (Egész nap)

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For a limited time, gain extra stat boosts with special Server Buffs for all Riders logged in during the event period. In addition, a Rare Drop Chance boost has been added to the list of buffs! Grind faster and get a leg-up during your dungeon runs with the Time of Growth buffs which include:

  • Time of Growth
    • Overall Attack increased by 20%
    • Overall Defense increased by 20%
    • Guild Points earned increased by 50%
    • Obtained Character EXP increased by 20%
    • Taming Chance increased by 30%
    • Tempering Chance increased by 30%
    • Rare Drop Chance increased by 30%