Maintenance, Operation

No living system functions in the long term without professional maintenance.

Regardless of the water engineering and automatical equipment an aquarium may have, it requires periodic and professional care. Bearing this in mind, maintenance and, in some cases, full-fledged operation, especially for public institutions or zoos, are essential to preserve the health of aquatic life and the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium. Checking the operation of water engineering, periodic
maintenance of filtration systems, replacement of worn-out filter media, and regular water changes are important for maintaining water quality.

Caring for plants and decorative elements, nutrient supplementation, including trimming dead or overgrown leaves and removing any possible algae, is also necessary.

Determining the diet of fish, monitoring their health, and providing necessary medical treatment when needed are part of maintenance. Regulating the temperature and lighting of the aquarium is also necessary according to the needs of its inhabitants. Aquariums require constant supervision, as well as expert knowledge and attention, to ensure they remain healthy and beautiful in the long run.

We offer the supervision, full or periodic maintenance, and operation of aquariums for companies and individuals, using diving technology when necessary, in accordance with the size of the tank.

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